The Roero gastronomic tradition is set in the wake of the most typical cuisine from Alba. A cuisine that is based on beef, in particular the Fassona breed, in pasta dishes based on fresh pasta and in the wonderful delicacies of the forest, namely mushrooms and truffles.

But the gastronomy from the Roero is also characterised by a strong presence of local fruit and vegetable products, such as peaches from Canale and Madernassa pears.

Among the dishes that are always found on the tables of this region one cannot fail to mention the vitello tonnato, the Russian salad, the rabbit tuna, the Piedmontese mixed fry, the anchovies with red or green sauce and the raw meat tartare among the appetizers.

Then the wonderful agnolotti and tajarin, the latter seasoned with butter and sage, or with truffles or with the bra sausage ragout. Among the unmissable main dishes is the rabbit with Arneis, the braised beef in Roero wine, the stuffed capon … And to finish sweetly panna cotta, bunet, grape conserve.

Dishes that marry perfectly with the typical wines of the territory, in particular Roero and Roero Arneis.