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Roero grapes

Grapes that are part of history…
Grown in Roero since forever, they have ancient roots that have bound them tightly to the culture of the territory, through the generations.


The territory

The territory of Roero extends from the steep slopes of the Rocche to the last hills that overlook the Tanaro, where an age-old practice has helped to create and maintain the spectacular landscape of this region.


The people

Not just terroir. Roero wines are the result of human labour. This Alchemy, where land, climate and human ingenuity meet, has been repeated since the dawn of time, respecting the natural rhythms of the seasons.


The wine cellar

The wine cellar is where the grapes grown with love and effort become Roero and Roero Arneis Docg, the precious result which expresses the most authentic reality of this territory, nowadays recognized by Unesco world heritage.