Consult the frequently asked questions

  1. Why did you choose Bologna?
    Roero Days has the main task of bringing the professionals of the food and wine sector, and wine enthusiasts generally, into contact with the Producers of wine in the Docg Roero. Bologna is undoubtedly one of the capitals of gastronomic quality in Italy: what better occasion to meet?
  2. What exactly does a Consorzio di tutela do, and the Roero one in particular?
    The Consorzi are bodies set up by law to promote and safeguard the wines of the different denominations. The Consorzio di Tutela Roero was established in 2014 and is particularly committed to showing its land and wines to best advantage, bringing them to a wider audience by organising events in the major cities of Italy.
  3. Why was Palazzo Re Enzo chosen to host the event?
    Roero Days likes to choose sites which are in themselves sites of historic and artistic interest, creating the right atmosphere for the appreciation of Roero’s wine-growing traditions based on centuries of knowhow. There could be no better location than this palatial building, with its majestic size and distinguished architecture, that was built in 1246.
  4. Who is the event Roero Days aimed at?
    The event aims to target opinion leaders, journalists of specialised press and the main information organisations, bloggers, operators in the food/wine sector, restaurateurs, wine bars, wine shops, sommeliers and enthusiasts.
  5. What is there for White Wine enthusiasts?
    There are three points which will certainly interest you: a) Roero Arneis vertically, in which you can taste 6 or 7 wines of different vintages and different producers from as far back as 10 years ago to evaluate the wine’s capacity for evolution in the bottle; b) blind tastings to compare some of the most distinguished indigenous Italian whites, naturally including Roero Arneis, all from 2015; c) the stalls of the Producers of white wines where you can taste wine and ask for any information.
  6. 6. Are there any specific moments dedicated to restaurateurs?
    Certainly: on the Monday there will be two tasting sessions, led by expert journalists, reserved for professionals of this sector to get to know Roero and Arneis in depth, through tastings of different vintages. At the end of each session there will be samples of dishes prepared by the star chef Davide Palluda who will be there to meet colleagues.
  7. How much does it cost to take part in Roero Days at Palazzo Re Enzo?
    15 € entry ticket (5 € for members of AIS, ONAV, FISAR, AIES and Slow Food) and 25 € to take part in the Guided Tasting Laboratories, which includes the samples lunch provided at the end of each of the Laboratories. The entry fee for the Laboratories does not give exemption from paying the entry ticket to Roero Days.
  8. Is it possible to take part in Roero Days without participating in any of the Guided Tasting Laboratories?
    Yes, certainly. You can still taste any of the 59 wineries’ wines and enjoy the chance to consult producers, taste the cheeses offered by Assopiemonte, take part in the discussion groups and visit the photographic exhibition “Roero” by Carlo Avataneo.
  9. Who can come to the event Roero Days?
    Any adult can take part. Minors must be accompanied by adults and cannot consume alcohol. Entry is free for minors under 18.
  10. Are there any particular offers for restaurateurs and for those who work in the wine sector, like journalists?
    Professionals of this sector (including owners and employees of wine shops and restaurants, oenologists, wine sales representatives, professional journalists, teachers of oenological or food production subjects in Secondary School or University) are exempt from paying the entry fee of 15 €. Restaurant and wine bar managers are furthermore offered two specific Laboratories (free of charge but places are limited: book through the Consorzio website) during Monday. The only exemptions from paying the entry fee for the Tasting Laboratories (on approval of the Consorzio) are for professional journalists, who must show their professional membership cards before accessing the event rooms, and to guests expressly invited in person by the Consorzio. Free entry is offered to expectant mothers, who do not therefore have to buy a ticket.
  11. Are animals admitted?
    For reasons of hygiene, visitors are forbidden to bring animals onto the premises.
  12. Opening hours
    Entrance is allowed between 10.30 am and 6.30 pm, unless otherwise limited by the Consorzio for reasons of organisation or safety.
  13. Is there a cloakroom service?
    Yes, it is provided. Cloakroom services are free.
  14. Do I have to pay a deposit for the glass and glass-holder necklace?
    Yes, all visitors are required to pay a deposit of 5 € for the glass and holder given out by staff. This sum will be returned fully when the glass and holder are handed in before leaving. The strap can be kept by the participants, free. If requested the visitor can be given a receipt for the deposit and opt to keep the glass.
  15. Are there any cafés or restaurants?
    Inside Palazzo Re Enzo, given its central location and the wealth of eating places nearby, there is no café or restaurant service actually inside. For all visitors there are, however, free savouries, cheese and salami selected by Assopiemonte, along with grissini and bottles of water. For the participants in the Tasting Laboratories there are samples of typical dishes from Roero organised personally by star chef Davide Palluda, served at table in the Restaurant Hall.