The Pact of Alliance for Roero Week

Roero Week proposes an amusing and useful agreement between three parties: a) Proprietors of Restaurants and Wine shops, b) Consumers, c) Producers of Roero Docg.

It gives Restaurateurs and Wine purveyors the opportunity to enrich the range of wines they offer their clientele, without extra delivery charges or onerous financial commitments. All the professional operators interested will be able to choose freely (on the basis of their own conscience, wine guides and their own contacts) which Roero Docg – 3 whites and 3 reds, provided even in small quantities by an impressive 55 Wineries – to offer their Clients by the glass, at whatever price they think fit. As well as boosting their wine lists, they will also be able to take part free in the activity of Monday 1 April at Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna, a tasting session guided by a celebrated critic and with award-winning food samples.

Consumers are given the chance to further their knowledge of the world of Roero wines without the obligation of ordering a whole bottle: the amusement of tasting different styles and suggestions from the Roero region with extremely modest expense.

The 55 Producers whose names are listed have expressed their willingness to deliver wine anywhere in Italy, even in small quantities, without extra costs, giving the food/wine establishments the chance to take up the offer of this light-hearted form of Tasting in which there is no competition between wineries but simply the will to spread awareness of the vast spectrum of Roero Docg. This s all coordinated by the Consorzio di Tutela Roero of which they are members.



  1. The Producers joining the initiative agree to supply, to those food/wine establishments that are taking part, whatever quantity they order from 18 bottles upwards, without delivery costs. They will publicise the initiative in the premises of Wine shops, Restaurants and Wine bars that they already supply, whether directly or through their sales representatives, or using their business networks online.
  2. The food/wine establishments taking part agree to offer tastings by the glass of at least 3 Roero Arneis and 3 Roero (including among these 6 labels the option of Reserve and/or Sparkling, as long as it is Docg), of different Producers, with freedom to fix prices and deals. The arrangement is to be kept up for at least a week, the week which includes Roero Days 2019, so approximately between 25 March and 5 April 2019, depending on individual needs and days of closure. A proprietor who is being supplied for the first time by one of the Roero Docg Producers must agree to pay for the wine in advance, where the wine ordered is a smaller quantity than normal trade supplies. Unless otherwise agreed between parties, orders will not be taken for less than 18 bottles total.
  3. The Consorzio del Roero agrees to advertise the initiative with every means of communication of the 2019 edition, including radio, invitation leaflets, periodical magazines, websites and social media. Wherever the space for communication makes it useful and possible, it will be dedicated to publicising and highlighting in detail the name of the food/wine Establishment and its relative location. Material will be provided to affix in the premises. Proprietors will be invited to a meeting on 1 April 2019 in Palazzo Re Enzo with free access to a Tasting Laboratory followed by gastronomic samples of Roero specialities prepared by a star chef (book in advance – places limited).