The landscape of Roero is characterized by a series of hills that, starting from the picturesque area of the Rocche, in a constant up and down, arrive to lick the river Tanaro, where beautiful castles and superb vineyards stick out. In rapid sequence to the wild beauty of the Rocche in fact, ordered vineyards, forests and orchards are alternated.

Only the hillside vineyards play part of the “Roero” denominazione di origine controllata e garantita (designation of controlled and guaranteed origin) – dotted with picturesque ciabòt (formerly shelters for moments of rest) – arranged mostly in East-West row orientation or North-South row orientation, and located at altitudes not exceeding 400 m, i.e. those areas where the vine gives the best results.

As stated by Luciano Bertello in “Finestre sul Roero – la vigna” (“Windows on Roero – the vine”): “hills and hills that seem like a single vineyard; vineyards alternated with laughing orchards; but also border vineyards, almost suspended on the Rocche or neighbouring the forest. A strictly hillside viticulture, with centuries of tradition behind it, is witness to the wine-producing vocation of these beautiful and varied hills on the left side of the Tanaro albese”.