Is located on the southeastern border of the Roero area, the Hilberg-Pasquero terroir stands out for its unique mix of soil types, including blue clay, marl, chalk, and sand.

The genesis of Hilberg Pasquero dates back to the encounter between Annette (Hilberg) and Michele (Pasquero) in the early 1980s in Italy. Their meeting united their stories—Annette, a spirited German nurse driven by creativity, and Michele, a product of Roero’s countryside.

Their shared interest in the burgeoning ecological movement and nascent organic agriculture laid the foundation for their harmonious union. Annette relocated from Germany to the Piedmont countryside, finding a sense of belonging.

Together, they immersed themselves in rural traditions, interpreting nature’s signs by observing field wrinkles and sowing cycles in tune with lunar phases.

DOCG-Denomination wines

  • Roero: from vineyards located in Priocca, It ages in French oak & bottle for at least 2 years, with a total annual production of about 3,000 bottles.

Az. Agr. Hilberg-Pasquero

  • Address: Via Bricco Gatti, 16
  • Zip Code: 12040
  • Municipality: Priocca (CN)
  • Telephone: +39 375 6269611
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