Not just grapes. Roero is a region very rich in high-quality food products, in particular with regard to fruit and vegetables. Those who know this area know that the ordered vineyards are alternated with fruit and chestnut orchards, which in this area give results of absolute excellence.

Among the best-known products of this area of Piemonte the strawberries (a signature product in particular of Baldissero d’Alba, and Sommariva Perno), peaches – especially the Canale peaches –, the Madernassa pear, which takes its name from a suburb of Vezza d’Alba, the chestnut della madonna (a typical cultivar of Roero), appreciated for the early ripening, and the beef tomatoes are all surely to be remembered.

As in the Langhe, in Roero mushrooms and white truffles of exceptional quality are also gathered, which are used to enrich sumptuous dishes such as the traditional tajarin (ribbon pasta).

Finally we must not forget the Piemontese cattle breed (fassona) beef: it is an ancient breed with a white coat and with meat of exceptional quality, perfect for creating typical dishes such as la battuta al coltello (steak tartar) or carne all’albese (albese style steak tartar).

Great quality products are also obtained from beekeeping, especially with acacia and chestnut honey.

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