An area rich in natural and historical beauty, Roero is a must-see destination not just for food and wine enthusiasts.

Here you can decide to spend a holiday within nature, maybe along the paths of the Rocche – deep chasms in the hills that can reach heights even up to hundreds of metres –, or travel in search of fascinating ancient villages, like that of Guarene, famous for its imposing Castle that stands at the centre of the village, or like that of Govone, where the Royal Castle of Carlo Felice of the house of Savoy stands. Every village of this region has some peculiarities and some historic gems to be discovered.

Leaving the wine production of Roero, but remaining in the region, you can head to Bra, famous not only for the exceptional quality of its sausage, served mostly raw, but also for the presence of the headquarters of the Association of Slow Food.

For a strictly wine and food tourism you can not miss a visit to the Enoteca Regionale (Regional Wine cellar), in the centre of Canale, showcasing local producers, always open for tastings and purchases, and home to a Michelin star restaurant.

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